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Everyday consumers commonly think of online businesses as high technology enterprises. While there are indeed some websites that deal in high tech merchandise, most vendor websites trade mostly mundane materials like clothes, beddings and linen and other ordinary stuff we use in our daily lives. With common enterprises like these, the website is only another selling point for their inventory. What will be mostly displayed in these websites are pictures and short text descriptions of products. On the other hand, vendors that deal with high tech materials design their websites in such a way that it reflects the level of technology they work with.

In the eyes of a common consumer, websites that do not exhibit high technology design are probably failing or disreputable. When browsing consumers find your website somewhat lacking in style and technology, looking for another website that will satisfy their expectations is highly probable.

While it would be considered crass and distasteful to make your website look like the command center of the starship Enterprise, a few smatterings of high tech applications can give your website design reputation a good boost. In the beginning days of the internet, people tried to make their websites attractive by using lots of blinking and animated pictures in their websites. As website design matured, a more professional and modern feel gradually took over the blinking internet kaleidoscope world.

Today, website design is usually patterned or themed after the owner’s profession or business. Simple but tasteful and professionally elegant are now the norm in designing websites. However, this norm, like technology, is fast becoming obsolete.

As internet availability, data transmission speeds and bandwidths increase, the more options people have for designing a web site. In the beginnings of video streaming, video vendor sites were those that usually contained audio-video streaming capabilities. They used video clips or trailers of a movie to entice a customer to buy the whole video. Today, almost all vendors of video and audio have portions in their websites reserved for viewing movie trailers and listening to audio teasers.

Of course, it would be a mistake to discount or limit the use of video streaming to video and audio websites. Common vendor sites like can surely use video streaming to further enhance the shopping experience of a customer. After all, a customer would like to see the merchandise before she actually makes a purchase. Video streaming provides this specific aid to both vendor and consumer. Aside from viewing videos of the product from different camera angles, a short demonstration of the product can be included in the video just like they do in TV shopping channels.

Outside of video specific and trade merchandising businesses, video and audio streaming is also useful when it comes to other industries such as medical transcription, online education, medical facilities and personnel interconnectivity, online tutorials and instructional modules recorded in video format.

Most importantly, the spread of internet video streaming usage signals an advance in technology. With advances and discoveries, opportunities for new ideas and enterprises abound.

While it is great to have new technology available to, we need to put it to good use for it to be beneficial to us. In the case of websites with video streaming, the customer is assured that the products they sell are workable and crafted with quality. As internet shopping becomes more and more popular, vendor websites will have to see to it that they provide their customers a good look at their product.

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