Blog Traffic Strategies That Work

You know all about search engine optimization as a blog traffic generation strategy, but is there anything else you can do to bring readers and potential customers your way.

One of the most used blog traffic generation strategies is the PPP, or pay-per-performance method, which requires that you pay for the traffic generated only when that traffic results in some provable benefit.

The familiar PPC, or pay-per-click, form of traffic generation is a type of PPP, and with Pay-per-click you are only charged if someone viewing one of your advertisements actually clicks it.

Google AdWords is presently the greatest server of pay-per-click ads, with a system which lets advertisers bid for keywords and then use them in small ads distributed on Google’s search and content networks.

Social marketing, while it does not qualify as a kind of pay-per-performance traffic generation technique, is nonetheless an effective means of generating blog traffic. You are engaging in social marketing any time you promote your service of product directly to other people social networking sites like MySpace, or do email or telemarketing.

Finally, there are literally dozens of viral traffic generation techniques; they include such things as providing the best possible service or product to your customers, doing everything you can to satisfy their needs, and letting word of mouth bring more traffic your way.

You can also practice viral traffic generation by offering free software or ebooks to but only to those individuals who have been referred to you. This approach to blog traffic generation depends on you’re offer successfully creating a “buzz’, although when something free is involved that is not difficult.

And by requiring a referral, nobody will get your freebie unless they first find someone else who has it. It’s a great way to exponentially increase the demand for whatever you are offering!

Of course search engine optimization is a necessity, but you can never have enough blog traffic generation techniques at your disposal if you want your blog to become a real money making tool!

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