The Internet Marketing Must-Dos For 2013

As we look towards the New Year, it is important to realize what will become of Internet marketing. With all the changes and the algorithm changes, it will prove to be a busy year for Internet marketers. Gone are the days that everything has been figured out well. Now, Internet marketers have to contend with game changers that will help shape the future success or failure of Internet marketing as we know it.
Did you know that this New Year marks the start of the Year of the Consumer? Well, now you know! The online marketing trends that will dominate will geared towards the benefit of the consumer. Businesses will have to do their homework and figure out what type of activities are needed to in order to make sense of their online marketing campaigns. Fear not for we have compiled some of the trends that make sense and will become central in Internet marketing in 2013.
Online reputation management
In 2013, more and more focus will be devoted to protecting reputation of a company or brand online. Businesses and prominent people will have to spend more time on the Internet monitoring and quelling any bad rep or publicity lest risking impact to the bottom line. Even more so, businesses will see the rationale behind keeping it sure that the brand is not tarnished online. Reviews will dominate as more user generated content will dominate the scene. It is important that top Internet marketers are able to cushion the potential impact if there are any.
Quality content
Google has launched a counter attack against content farms. Now, Internet marketers are on the defensive. Marketers know that they need to have relevant content out there in order to cushion the impact on the changes in the game. It is important that there would be a conscious effort to bring the quality at a high level and crush the competition with more relevant content and less manipulation of results. This will enable marketers to stay on top and become relevant in years to come.
Cross-device or multi-screen approach
Internet marketers must be able to understand the value of cross-device marketing. As customers in the old days would click on the ads to make a purchase; things are quite different nowadays. Now people would use their smartphones to make a purchase for ads they saw on their desktops. This fundamental shift in buying preferences may become the new normal. Marketers must be able to scamper for solutions to take advantage of this emerging online culture. At the same time, the line between offline and online has become blurrier as people use their smartphones and tablets to store information about their reviews and locations etc.
Social media word-of-mouth
This 2013, it is time for marketers to full use the potential of social media as a word-of-mouth channel. It has become important as marketers realize that it will be the most potent marketing exercise in the future. Consumers will be seeking the referrals of their friends before they engage in the purchase of a product or patronage of a service. Suffice it to say that if it ain’t in social media, then it’s not gonna get bought or hired or at least, known.

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