The Security Consultant

We all want to feel more secure wherever we are especially in terms of preventing damage or loss to our personal property or enterprise, and protecting our loved ones, our selves or our personnel. There are several ways in which people invest to make themselves feel more secure. Security guards are one way.

Employing security guards is best in ensuring the safety of an establishment or planned event. Since these instances require additional ‘crowd control’, hiring a security guard supervisor and his trained men may not only reduce the odds of interference or criminal intimidation, but also keeps the cool of the show or the flow of the cash – of course without any one getting hurt. Security guards need to be included in your overall security plan and should not be considered separate. But first are important considerations.

First, you must decide whether your organization’s security needs either short-term or long-term security services. You need long-term guards to be part of your ‘security team’ and they should be best integrated in your entire plan of security. Short-term guards however need not be any less acquainted since they are hired for special events, interim work, or emergency alerts needing ever heightened security measures. This first consideration puts weight on the second – you must define and clear with your security guard supervisor about the complexity of your preferred security requirements, most especially when appointing short-term or out-sourced security guards. Their short span of duty requires particular function that the security team has to fulfill. Hence, effective communication, clarification, personal interaction with the security guard supervisor and his team is vital. This may include deliberation whether you’ll need a uniformed or plain-clothed guard, or an armed or unarmed security guard. Remember that various types of security guards are best appropriate for the right kind of situation. And if so you find yourself unsure as to what your security requirements are, then ask counsel from an outside security professional before looking for a security agency or contracting with a security guard supervisor. Teaming with an external security consultant will help you with your onsite security assessment with the benefit of getting an unbiased third-party assistance, that is, if he is sure to not to have ties with any security agencies. Having an outside security consultant will make it easier for you to understand and put to paper the security request for proposal or RFP before finally discussing and executing a successful security plan with your security contractor, security guard supervisor, and the security guard personnel.
Whether adding an additional security to your ongoing security management or requiring one for a special event – deterring or apprehending – the keys would have to be security guards experience, great agency and security guard supervisor reputation, and security plan precision.

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