Internet Marketing – Buyer Beware Part 1

So, you wanna get in on the internet action do ya?

I don’t know about you, but I get lots of emails everyday about getting rich overnite, retire in days, fire your boss… etc. Sound familiar? This is marketing at it’s finest and even with spam blockers and such, they still trickle through.

With the allure of financial freedom, many people become victims of their own greed. 99.9% of these seekers who decide to get involved, end up getting ripped off! Suddenly the thought of being financially free, is beginning to look more like a financial dungeon. Your credit card bills skyrocket as your available credit begins to diminish.

100% guarantee this and 100% guarantee that…

‘Hi my name is Russ… I was an internet marketer stooge.. I chased the dream of financial freedom and woke up in a marketing nightmare!’

Blind-sighted by my own insecurities and that vision of “firing my boss” I’ve realized that ‘it’s not that easy to make money on the internet’ – well… DUH!

all hope are not lost… there’s still a chance…

Here’s where everyone (me included) gets lost in the vast array of making it rich online programs. I’ll even list the types of programs I got involved with and why they didn’t work.

Mentoring programs
Affiliate Marketing
Websites in a box
Turn-Key Systems
Traffic Generation (no I don’t mean stalling on the 405)
And more…?

Mentoring Programs – Pay attention to who is doing the coaching. If it’s out-sourced, beware.

Adwords – Know what you are doing before trying this. You can accidentally or inadvertently go into debt real quick.

Adsense – Only works if you already have traffic established or know how to generate traffic.

MLM / Multilevel Marketing / Network Marketing – All depends on the product that is being sold. Some are good and some are bad. Also, timing is everything.

Affiliate Marketing – Who do you trust? Traffic is the main thing you will need to make it work along with a good website.

Websites in a box / Turn Key systems – I was very reluctant at first, but have discovered the advantages outweigh the cons. Find a good one and you can be set for life!

Traffic Generation – You can spend a lot of time with immediate traffic generation scams. You really need to get solid advice on this one.

These are just brief statements based on my experiences in Internet Marketing. To get more detailed descriptions visit my website. The information is free.

Good Luck in your quest for Financial Freedom (I mean that sincerely)

Best Regards,


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