PPC Advertising – A Short-term Commitment

When you are looking to get the word out about your business you might be considering Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.

While I recommend adopting long-term strategies utilizing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, the use of PPC advertising and email marketing are ways to get the message to more people in the short-term.

If you have a limited budget you might want to spend quality time learning how to develop an effective PPC advertisement (think laser focused). Again, if money is a prime consideration you can work at bidding on keyword terms that command a smaller price per click.

For instance if you sell military surplus items you might consider a serve term like ‘woodland camo’ or ‘digital pattern backpack’ as opposed to ‘military surplus’.

It is possible to find some bargains in search terms, but it won’t likely be with the most obvious search terms. Many PPC users may start their campaigns with the most obvious choice and have to stop advertising sooner than expected, pay a significant amount for a much smaller return on investment (ROI), or find alternative keywords that are less expensive

Some of the more prominent PPC advertising sites allow you to gauge the success of your campaign while others do not. It is possible to improve site visitation dramatically, but the PPC price tag may be a profit killer.

A good rule of thumb is to use PPC advertising when you have a sale that will be in effect for a limited time or if you have a very specific industry issue that has immediate importance.

If you use PPC advertising to the exclusion of SEO strategies I promise you it will cost much more than if you worked on developing a comprehensive SEO plan.

The biggest difference in strategies is PPC provides an immediate influx of site visitors while SEO strategies (when implemented correctly) have a significant impact on future site visitation.

Some business have been able to develop their website with no PPC advertising by simply relying on solid SEO principles. The downside to using SEO alone is that the strategies can takes months to produce meaningful results. If you can weather a slow start you can get by without PPC advertising.

Using PPC in the early stages of your online store can help bridge that gap between business startup and the time when SEO finally kicks in and helps online searchers find your site more quickly.

Use PPC advertising if you must, but make SEO the top priority of present and future site development.

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