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Nowadays there are a lot of people that begin to work from home on line and after building their website they start an Ezine as well. The question that many of them ask is how come they don’t get more subscribers for their newsletter.

I’m going to talk to you about a few things you can do to get people to subscribe to your newsletter.

A good start would be getting your Ezine listed on as many newsletter directories as possible. So start submitting your newsletter to these directories even though you might think this is time consuming. If you really don’t have the time to stay and submit your newsletter to Ezine directories you can always try newsletter submission services.

I recommend you go to Google, type in “Ezine Directory” and start submitting.

If you want people to subscribe, offering them something usually works best. Try to give them something free. It can be whatever you like such as an e-book, or a free report or free ad on your site. The better the things you will give them the more subscribers you will have.

It is always important to promote your newsletter. A good free way to advertise your newsletter is through your sig file or email signature. Mostly every email program allows you to add a signature file at the end of every email you send. It is usually a few lines long, so you have enough space to promote your Ezine.

By holding a contest on your website is another good way to gain subscribers. How? Well hold a contest and make it a requirement to be subscribed to your newsletter in order to participate in that contest. This usually works and gets you more signups.

Start visiting message boards and forums and begin posting on them. Write on forums you enjoy and after you make yourself credible other forum members will more than likely want to see what you have to offer. Before you post make sure you read the rules of that forum. Most forums permit you to ad a signature file when you post. This is a very valuable way through which you get traffic to your website.

A very common topic on forums is “ad swap” which brings us to the next way through which you will possibly get more subscribers to your Ezine. Swapping newsletter ads between publishers is a very common thing. You need to find a newsletter who’s audience will enjoy your Ezine. Then all you need to do is ask the publisher to swap newsletter ads and you will probably receive a positive answer.

Remember though that getting a big mailing list doesn’t happen over night. These are just a few tips and methods you can use to get you started in your endeavor. Remember to have good content in your newsletter and always plant your link wherever possible. Getting your link out there is very important because this will bring you a lot of subscribers.

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