Spam – What’s The Best Online Traffic Generation Method?

One evening a little over a week ago, my son and I were both standing at my open front door. We both heard the happy buzz of a motorbike going past the entrance to our street out on the main road. It wasn’t under throttle or anything, but I was listening for it to slow down at the T intersection where the road ends. We listened as it cruised in at a merry pace. Then without warning there was an abrupt thump and silence.

Let me tell you I was not too happy with that silence.

It’s not every day I actually hear someone being killed less than 150 yards from my doorstep. I’m blessed to live in an environment that’s mostly peace and safety.

This article is about internet traffic, not street traffic, but some aspects are similar.
I see spammers as being like motorbike riders. It could be that some may get results real quick. On the other hand it’s risky. I’m still thinking about that motorbike rider near my place the other evening. He had his account suspended without warning.

Here‘s another internet traffic analogy. In the city some roads get all blocked up with traffic. When you try to take the shortest route, what happens? You get stuck in a traffic jam. Perhaps you have been in a traffic jam yourself at one time or other?

How can you prevent being in a traffic jam? Just go the long way round to start with. So for me this is a clue. On the internet, as in real life, if there’s a traffic jam you may beat everyone by taking the long way round. The long way round could turn out to be the fastest way to go!

But not always. Sometimes you don’t have to go the long way round either. In some places there are freeways that are quite legal and still fairly empty. If you knew where they were wouldn‘t you take them, instead of going through the choked-up busy intersections?

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