Outdoor Security – System Design

Outdoor security systems are of particular importance at outdoor sporting events such as baseball games, soccer fields as well as schools, airports, companies and homes. Here are some new developments in outdoor security technology so you can relax and enjoy the game in safety.

Deterrent Properties – Outdoor Security

Outdoor security relies on the deterrent properties of the fence or other outdoor security apparatus to detect and block entry of unauthorized people, vehicles and animals, etc. Today, the issue of outdoor security is of major importance to everyone whether we like it or not and the outdoor security is a serious and lucrative business.

Complete Perimeter Security – Outdoor Security

Among the latest developments in outdoor security is a line of taut wire perimeter intrusion detection systems. The unique component in this outdoor security system is a fence combined with a sophisticated intrusion detection system. If someone or something tries to enter the restricted outdoor security zone, the system will sound the alarm at the outdoor security system headquarters

Analog Sensors – Outdoor Security

While the technical aspects are secret, outdoor security systems based on self-balancing analog sensors are used extensively to monitor fences worldwide. An attempt to invade the outdoor security safe area is recorded on the analog sensors and analyzed before sounding the alarm. These outdoor security systems are based on highly sensitive analog sensors for detecting possible intrusions along with a very low false alarm rate. There is so much at stake in outdoor security for airports, stadiums and public events – and the first and best line of defense is the outdoor security provided by these analog sensors.

False Alarms – Outdoor Security

If outdoor security was not such a serious issue, false alarms would be quite humorous such rain, snow, hail, shifting soil, and the odd fox looking for a hen. The accepted rate for outdoor security false alarms is about one alarm per kilometer of fence in a three month period. There are also outdoor security systems based on this technology for home owners. Look out your window at the shifting weather, vehicles and people zipping by your house. Are you safe? For peace of mind, check out cost effective outdoor security systems to protect you and your loved ones.

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