Top Internet Secret Revealed – How to make $ 1,000’s a DAY from Expired Traffic!

A few years ago, an Internet visionary named Ultsearch came along, stumbled across the most ingenious traffic and profit generation idea in the history of the Internet age, and quietly went on to make untold millions. To this very day, he has held a monopoly on the biggest underground traffic industry on the web. In fact, you’ve likely helped him out, and not known it. So how did he single-handedly go on to plunder the spoils of the internet? He connected two simple dots: expired domains and link popularity, and realized their sum equalled –Expired Traffic.

He hides behind his flickering computer screen, waiting patiently until the time is right. Every waking minute, he is compiling more and more valuable information about your website–he knows how popular it is, how much traffic it receives, what market segment it serves, and most importantly, when your domain will expire. And then he pounces. In an instant, your domain, your hard work, your time is his. Who is this elusive swashbuckling buccaneer of the Internet? He’s Ultsearch…and he’s coming to a domain name near you.

Ultsearch (he has been known to go under the alias Yun Ye) is an icon. He’s a legend in his own right—yet he’s also a vague apparition whom no one really knows about. His concept is simple: Pillage and plunder the net, one site at a time. And so far, it’s working…to the tune of six-figures….per day.

This is what he does.

1. Locate expiring websites which are/were once developed and still receiving traffic from search engines and other sites that still link to it.

2. Grab them up when the domain name expires at the mercy of:
Absentminded website owners who neglected to renew their domain names
Webmasters who got tied up in other ventures or interests
Webmasters who discontinued operation due to time constraints
Webmasters who ran out of money to continue to operate.

3. Make money off the continual stream of traffic still being sent to the site by setting up a PPC search engine or any other targeted affiliate program and earning revenue off each successful click.*

* All you have to do is make about $0.02 a day off a name to make a profit for the year! With the average bid term being $0.30/click, you can see how this is like taking candy from a baby.

Ult’s strategy is big business, without a doubt. To quote an Ex search traffic partner “Yun Ye’s checks are so big, that if you saw them your eyes would pop out and bleed” And the fact is, it’s true.

What is even more mind-boggling is that only a handful of individuals on the web are exposed to what Ult is doing. And even fewer are trying to mimic what he has done–although it remains quite feasible. The whole industry of expired traffic reclamation has been shrouded under a veil of secrecy for the longest of time. Those in the know would never reveal to an outsider this most mind-blowing of concepts. In the process, they have quietly gone on to make untold millions by utilizing the expired traffic of other sites for their own purposes.

One of the primary reasons, aside from sheer ignorance, why individuals across the net have yet to embrace this ground-breaking strategy for traffic generation and the creation of wealth is due in large part to a lack of appropriate tools and knowledge for locating expiring websites which may still be receiving expired traffic. Very rare is the site which puts in the hands of ordinary individuals tools which are worth unimaginable millions in their functionality in locating expired traffic.

The concept is only now beginning to hit the mainstream, and the land rush is on for one of the most ingenious new methods to make money, supplement the traffic of an existing site by redirecting expired traffic to it, or to start a new venture using a site which is already receiving traffic.

If you understood in full capacity what you have read above, you are more than likely salivating at a piece of what is genuinely the most mind-numbing method of locating, capturing and profiting from traffic. The wave is about to hit, and a new generation of Internet users are about to discover what has long since been, the craftiest way to make millions on the Internet.

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