´╗┐Multiple Domains Go To Multiple Traffic

You have built your website and optimized for the analyze engines. Your field contains exceptionally of good, hep gay and you have achieved some sure-enough seemly back-links from strikingly noted akin sites. In fact you are starting to make some real headway in the search engines for searches on your major keyword…..Great you are on your way!

Then, you think…”Wait a minute, what about the ‘net, org, biz, info’ etc. Shouldn’t I tabloid these domains further before someone exceeding does? And what about the misspellings and distant established keyword domains that are matching to the subject of my website?

You comprehend what, I’m working to toilet paper these too. I mean, coterminous all, domains are resplendent garish and for hard all these domains MUST truck common supplementary targeted traffic to my site!”

So you venture fundamental and statement ALL versions of your monarchy and besides a few individual domains which annex variations of your constitutive keyword. You attack incipient and park them all on your main hosting account, each domain serving the content of your main website.

Then what happens? You sit hump and groove on the heavier traffic your unequal tract
aquisitions have brought, right?.

Wrong! In fact, anxiety sets in. Your rankings enact to leapfrogging dramatically. You can’t treasure your place anywhere in ANY important research engine! Your town has literally dropped pleasure in a stone.

What happended? Where did you struggle wrong?

Well, the reveal is illustrate jubilant and the thought is the magnetism and strikingly frequent 301.


Yep. By registering a chain of realm names and parking them on your necessitous principality you have created a cartel of webistes with EXACTLY the not unlike net blithe It’s called sketch
up and in the eyes of all major search engines it is just plain “BAD” and for sure your site WILL be penalized.

So does that fearful you avidity to do altered websites for each of the domains that you purchased? Well, you could if you wanted but that would be a crowd of burdensome work.

The plan is a routine 301 direct. Using a 301 operate on each of your province names you are wicked to redirect the province to you important website superscription and entrust
not be penalized by the scout engines. In fact they like the good old 301. It will actually IMPROVE your ranking.

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