RSS – Capture The Feed However You Can

If you are a user who has found a Real Simple Syndication (RSS) feed to be of benefit, you are not alone. This tool is gaining a huge following. In fact, the new Windows Vista software comes equipped with an RSS Reader for those customers who have upgraded to the new Windows platform.

It can be frustrating to visit a site that does not provide RSS features. One of the primary reasons to subscribe to an RSS feed is to help you locate new information you really want to investigate. An RSS feed provides a snapshot of the revised information so you can make an educated decision about whether you want to read up on the latest informational feed.

If a site does not offer RSS it may still be possible to utilize existing information streams to access the same information through an RSS feed. For example, if you have a specific writer that you like to keep tabs on you can use an RSS feed from some of the more notable search engines and directories. By setting up an RSS feed from one of these sources you may be informed a little later than a direct RSS feed, but the information should be sent when the new page is indexed with your favorite author’s name. If the site the article is published on is a trusted site this process usually doesn’t take long.

Some RSS users also are merging their RSS feeds with searchable email systems. In essence when a service like Gmail is used to receive RSS email feeds you can use their search function to return to any popular feed you wish.

The integration of technologies can allow RSS users greater flexibility in accessing and managing feeds and accessing the information long-term.

For any online company the markets using knowledge-based content it just makes sense to add an RSS feed for your site material. Unless your material is so engaging you have site visitors that come back everyday on their own you should consider using an RSS feed as a marketing tool to help your consumers find a reasons to come back. When they come back they might find a reason to stay and shop.

An RSS feed is less intrusive than email and targets consumers who have an interest in your material. You know this because they have voluntarily signed up for an RSS feed from your site.

It’s been proven over and over again, your customers want an RSS feed. Have you make one available?

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