Podcasts Increasing In Popularity

Official Definition:
Podcast: a Web-based audio broadcast via an RSS feed, accessed by subscription over the Internet

Easier To Understand:
Podcast: an audio file which you can download and listen to

A few years back, the term podcast was a term that many were not familiar with. Even today, it is still something that is only beginning to pick up in popularity. While the average tech-geek may throw the word around here and there and seem familiar with it, they may actually be using it incorrectly. For instance, they may download an audio show off the Internet to listen on their computer but that is not truly podcasting. Podcasting involves subscribing to an RSS feed that downloads the show to their iPod or MP3 player for listening.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, podcasting was something that only tech-geeks were familiar with. However, that is quickly changing with more and more joe-bloggers using the term along with media giants like Time Warner starting to distribute their shows via a podcast format.

Things like radio shows, interviews, music sessions, etc. are starting to become the norm for podcasts and even something that many may not have expected – college lectures. Students that are becoming more aware of this new possibility may call for podcasts to be included in their college courses. The benefits of these podcasts are great as students can listen to them if they are unable to attend class for whatever reason and if they are on the bus and need to catch up on some notes. For those that live in more urban areas and use the city transportation system, lectures on podcasts can be listened to while waiting in line or waiting to get off the next stop. This is more beneficial versus reading because reading can become quite uncomfortable for some in a crowded environment. So for colleges and students, this is a win-win situation where one side benefits from better performance and the other benefits from better scores on their tests.

Now, those are only a few examples of how podcasts are becoming more and more popular. As traditional media companies adapt to the quickly changing technology world, we will be seeing much more of podcasts in our everyday life.

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