Site Promotion Tools: What’s In Your Toolbox?

The wonderful world of site promotion tools is really about learning skills and either adapting them to your need or adapting you thinking to adequately utilize the tools available.

As with the toolbox out in the garage you have many tools and not all of them are used for the same purpose. For example you wouldn’t use a crescent wrench as a screwdriver and you wouldn’t use a hammer as wire cutters.

Some site promotion tools can be adapted for use while others may have a very specific use. Because our society is moving from a mechanical world to cyberspace it is possible that a new way of thinking is required when seeking to let people know about your site.

For someone new to ecommerce the whole idea of promoting your website through SEO strategies and using html code to highlight keywords for search engines may resemble Greek more than a meaningful description of how to drive customers to your website.

For these entrepreneurs there are web design experts that can guide you through every step of both web design and site promotion. This approach may be advisable in many instances, however I highly advise finding knowledge-based articles on site promotion and begin implementing strategies that will work to let others know about your site, offerings and ultimate solutions to their real or felt needs.

As you begin to search for the site promotion tools that best fit your ecommerce business you will likely discover some tools that are either too advanced or ones you want to learn more about. Take small steps first. Utilize the tools that you do understand and then keep adding to your tool chest.

You can add an incredible amount of tools to the workshop tool chest in your garage. Screwdrivers come in different sizes and blade widths, wrenches come in precise sizes and hammers come in differing weights and functions.

This picture remains one of the best in seeking to describe the options available in site promotion. The truth is you can customize your approach using a series of tools you are both comfortable with along with a series of tools you are willing to learn to use.

Perhaps one of the things that derail so many potentially viable sites is a fear us learning how to promote the site using the same (or similar) site promotion tools that the largest ecommerce sites on the web use. The information is available, the tactics are defined, and the tools are in the workshop. Commit to learning and then implement the skills you learn – and always be willing to look at more tools.

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