Internet Moutains Not The Yellow Brick Road.

Rick Beneteau a great author and the inovator of The Ezine Marketing Machine once wrote. “The road to success is often a steep and rocky one. There are mountains in your way, not on the roadmap that you must be prepared to climb.”

This one small portion of a paragraph stuck with me more then anything else I have read on the subject of success on the Internet.

This story is not about Rick or about roads Though. It is however about the great mountains to success that lay in front of each of the brave souls that dare to travel the Internet marketing super highway.

With any mountain there are many dangers. With narrows, overhangs, cliffs, boulders, and loose rocks, dangers every one.

Even to the best-trained mountaineer one wrong calculation, a bad dission or the wrong hand placement can plumit them spiraling down to disaster, to their doom.

Of course there is a lot of wonderful safety equipment that the trained mountain climber can choose from to make there climb to the top a safe one. Also I am quite sure any intelligent mountaineer wouldn’t ever think about climbing any mountain with out the proper education and a complete understanding of the terrain.

Just like that mountain. Marketing on the Internet has many dangers obstacles that could cause disaster for even the best of the Internet marketers. Anyone wanting to market anything on line should educate them self’s and get to know the terrain before ever taking that first step.

In my opinion education is far and above the single most important element a new internet marketer should strive for. Let me just mention that the best place that I know of, for any person just starting or even the long term Internet veteran to get the very best in depth Internet marketing education is at Success University.

I wish some one had shared this information about Success University with me when I was first thinking about starting my Internet marketing career.
Believe me I have spent a lot of sleepless nights and a lot of money along the way just to end up full circle, broke and clueless. Unfortunately for me in one way or another I fell pray to just about every scam artist out there.

After about a dozen Make A Million Dollars Over Night and Get A Zillion Email Address By This Time Tomorrow scams I smartened up. Oh did I mention thick headedness runs my family.

My point to all of this is that the road to riches in Internet marketing is not the wonderful yellow brick road that 90% if the emails and webpage’s that are sent your way each day will tell you it is. You can’t get a million dollars over night. No matter what the experts say, unless maybe a rich Uncle dies, or you win the lottery.

The only true way to succeed on the Internet today is to have a solid plan that includes education and a lot of hard work.

The education part, Success University can help you with. The hard work, Well That’s up to you.

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